More action needed

Thank you for all the support for this report and for the recommendations we have published.

More work is obviously needed.

This week, Kamloops city council have had to take extraordinary measures to protect staff from Mayor Reid-Hamer.

Things have gotten so challenging in Harrison Hot Springs, the Mayor wants the Minister of Municpal Affairs to dissolve council and the CAO.

Residents of Quesnel want the Mayor to resign when it was learned his wife is distributing a book that questions the harm caused by residential schools.

While there are many recommendations that have come from our report, the most fundamental, and perhaps transofrmative recommendations, relate to oversite for local electeds’ behaviour. Currently, there is none. These three stories are just from the last 3 weeks.

A couple of the issues keep coming up:
– each local government is seen as indepenedent although there is provincial oversight from the Minister of Municipal Affairs office. We have to see the collective issues and not treat any of these as one-offs.
– The behaviour in confidential (in-camera) meetings is protected the same way the content of the meetings are protected. We need to sepearate those two things so staff and council members can speak up about and hold people accountable for bullying, harrassement, and poor behaviour.

Want to help make this happen? Send an email to
Minister Anne Kang, Municipal Affairs
and Premier David Eby

Ask them to intstitute a provinaical Integrity Commissioner with an anti-oppression analysis, adequate resources, and the power to effectively deal with these issues.

Everyone deserves to work in a safe and respectful place. And all of use deserve governance that is, at the very least, respectful.



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